HW due 05/13

Hey Ken,

I don’t think we were supposed to answer the questions, but I thought a few of them seemed important enough for me to respond to them.  First, for the most part, I achieved my goal of understanding the concept of my topic (sort of).  I definitely want to come and meet with you to talk about it just to get a more watered down version of the already watered down articles/websites I’ve been looking at.  But I think I get it.  Second, this is a rough outline for how my posterboard will look/what it will include.  Obviously, it won’t include all of these things, there isn’t enough space but as I do more research, I’ll be able to figure out what’s truly important.  Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I don’t plan on typing up an intro/conclusion to put on the posterboard (which is what this is the outline for), but I will definitely write one for the presentation.


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HW due 05/05

I missed the animation in class the other day–so this was my first time watching it.  After seeing it, I ‘d have to say I was pretty shocked.  I had no idea that we only possess knowledge about 5 % of our universe.  It’s crazy that we don’t know about 75 % of it.  In fact, we don’t know more than that actually.  We know that this strange thing called “dark matter” exists and takes up 20 % of the universe… but noone has any idea what it is.  I guess I never realized before that I see us as possessing a ridiculously large amount of knowledge of what’s happening and what has happened in our universe… but in comparison to the big picture—it’s basically nothing.  I think I have this idea because we have so much more knowledge than ages before us.  But it’s still so limited. The animation also talked about how there is much exploration to do in the future.  It sort of reminded me of a comparison between this age and the original age of discovery where scientists were discovering Quantum Mechanics–except now we have to go the opposite way, learn more on the larger scale.

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Possible Project Ideas

Possible topics:

The Theory of Everything (might be wayyy to general)

Superstring Theory/String theory

Quantum Entanglement

The Many Worlds Theory

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HW due 03/09

Question 2: The rotational speed of the smaller wheel is two times greater than that of the larger wheel because it is revolving around its axis more than the larger wheel is.  The tangential speed of the larger wheel is twice as large as that of the smaller because, in this example, tangential speed is measured by the length from the axis to the rim.

Question 4:  Sue’s bike wheels have a greater rotational speed than Dan’s because her wheels are smaller, even though they are traveling at the same speed.  Because her wheels are smaller, they will make a rotation more often than Dan’s wheels will.  Therefore, her rotational speed is greater.

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HW due 02/24

Impulse: something that changes the momentum of an object.  Force•time=mass•change in momentum

Work: when a force moves an object (causes displacement).  Work= force•distance

From the equations above, it can be mathematically calculated that:

distance (mass•change in momentum)=work•time

The relationship between these two objects is that in order for an object to have a change in momentum, it must have work done to it.


The force exerted on the cart is equal to the mass• acceleration.

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HW due 02/15


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