Homework 8/25/2010

Question One:  In my opinion, the “universe” is a term used by scientists to sum up the entirety of both what we know and random speculations.  It’s the blanket word that works to incorporate everything from a dog, to gravity, to the solar system, and the milky way.  I believe it encompasses everything from mundane objects to incomprehensible ideas and formulas.  When I picture the universe, I usually envision the solar system and space because that is my way of demonstrating that I believe the universe is space and everything in it; for me, it would be much too difficult to picture something as intangible as time in my projection of the universe.

Question Two: Primack emphasizes throughout the reading the belief that as time progresses, human visualizations of the universe are getting more unclear and skeptical.  The visions that arise from the universe in our minds are not all-encompassing, but rather just snippets of what the universe is, because we have such a hard time comprehending the vastness of it. Primack believes that because so much has been scientifically explained regarding the universe, we have a hard time believing religious explanations that our ancestors unquestionably believed which provided them with a deep connection to the universe; because of our doubts, we do not feel a connection to the universe that is vital.  In our society, accepting both religion and science is not possible.  However, Primack believes that in the future, like religious beliefs come to encompass one another, the scientific universe will come to umbrella the spiritual universe, without negating it.

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