HW due 9/10

To answer your more specific questions first, I think that what I am most interested in is the classes that are more philosophically related.  There was one class last week when we were discussing religion, spirituality, and the universe that has probably been my favorite overall class this year out of every subject.  I like to be mentally stimulated and challenged in that way because it’s something I feel interested in and passionate about.  However, I do understand that this is a physics class and not a philosophy one and that those classes will probably only dot our course material.

My strengths as a student are that I am able to usually stay fairly physically organized and that I tend to be very meticulous about school work.  I take diligent notes usually and try to pay attention, however, this can also be a disadvantage for me.  Oftentimes, I spend too much time taking notes on useless things and highlighting entire paragraphs of entire pages because I think that it’s all important, when really none of it is applicable to what I’m doing.  However, while I say all this stuff about diligence and organization, I’m really not as uptight as I sound.  I think the reason I’m organized is because I like the IDEA of being organized; if I didn’t think it was what most teachers wanted, I probably wouldn’t be very organized. Bringing me to part two of this question, I think this class is going to make me push myself a little more to have a genuine interest in what I’m reading/learning about.

Most of the time, I am a student who loves to learn.  I’m truly trying to take advantage of the amazing opportunities I have at MA this year.  But during some painful classes (probably ones after lunch), I am capable of being a student that stares at the clock not every minute but every 10 minutes.  I like to be challenged as a student, but I don’t like to be wrong either, and oftentimes the challenging questions are the ones with the most difficult answers.

So knowing that, to answer your questions about goals:

1) I want to exponentially increase my knowledge of the universe in a relaxed, stimulated environment.

2) I want to challenge myself to be interested in every assignment I do.

3) Lastly, I want to be encouraged to be wrong.

I will provide myself with a sense of purpose this year by trying to remind myself of my goals, especially in times when I feel most stressed and busy.  I will try to prioritize my assignments as I have been encouraged to do and not be afraid when I am wrong or when I skip an assignment.

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