HW due 9/14

The first feeling that comes to mind when I think “Science Writing” is anxiety.  I’ve always struggled with this particular kind of writing because I tend to put my own spin on science writing to make it “interesting” and “fun”.  However, that spin usually backfires when I’m told that making science writing “interesting” and “fun” is the last thing I’m supposed to do; it’s supposed to be unbiased, simple writing.  I haven’t had much experience since my Sophomore year lab reports in Chemistry, which attempted to single handedly drive me insane.  My Anatomy class last year didn’t really have intensely “science-y” lab write-ups so it wasn’t really a problem.  I also, which you’ve probably been able to figure out by this point, tend to write a lot– too much.  It’s my way of making sure that I’ve answered every aspect of an assignment thoroughly and in depth enough to please my teacher.  In this regard, I struggle with being concise in my explanations of things, unless I don’t really understand the question/my answer.  When that happens, usually my response is equal in length to all the other students’ responses.

However, usually my responses to math problems and essays relating to philosophical questions will be positive.  I might sulk a little, or procrastinate, but usually I’d much rather get those than lab reports.

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