HW due 9/20

I vow to hold myself accountable for making science writing the way it is intended to be- informational and unemotional.

I vow to hold myself accountable for trying to be concise in my explanations.

I vow to hold myself accountable for making sure I understand most concepts we learn and assignments we have.

I vow to hold myself accountable for not being pessimistic when I’m given an assignment I’m not totally fond of.

So far this year, I’ve learned more about the nature of matter than I’ve ever known before.  Before this, my knowledge of the nature of matter consisted of Sophomore year chemistry and 8th grade “Physics”.  The deepest we went in our understanding the nature of matter was to subatomic particles where we briefly touched on Quarks.  However, learning details about Quarks, Leptons, Gluons, Photons, and Gravitons is incredibly important in my opinion.  I think understanding these aspects of matter help understand the overall nature of how matter works.  Meaning, learning the details helps explain the forces we encounter in a more understandable way because we understand the “why’s” now.  I think the newest concept to me is that of color charges.  I’d never before learned what they were and the concept is a little confusing.  However, the video we watched in class on Thursday really helped me understand what was going on in a way that intrigued me to learn more about them.  I also am intrigued by the Big Bang Theory, which I wasn’t really interested in before this class.  My perception of the nature of matter has changed a lot since the beginning of school.  I used to think matter was important and omnipresent, but I never really thought about it’s connection to more important things like interactions.  I didn’t see it as something that was constantly working to keep everything working and functioning correctly, which it is.  I also didn’t envision the microscopic end of matter, focusing more on things that fit nicely into my everyday life, such as chairs, tables, computers, etc.  However, the microscopic end is the most important part because that is the end that explains why everything around us is what it is and does what it does.

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