Hw due 11/24

Hey Ken, I didn’t realize we had homework due on Wednesday after the test since I left on Monday.  I just saw that we did and here it is:

Momentum is the quantity of motion an object has.  In the example of an airbag exploding, a car has a lot of momentum because its’ mass in motion is very large.  An airbag is designed to act as a force against the momentum of the person in the car–it works to slow the velocity of the person’s body so that he or she won’t fly out of the crashed car.  An airbag explodes out the car when the car hits another object.  Because of the exchange between the car and the object, the momentum of the car is slowed but the impact causes the person to fly forward.  An airbag comes out to counteract the momentum of the person.  The change in momentum that the airbag provides is known as the impulse.

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